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Frequently Asked Questions

Look through this page to find some answers to common questions. If you do not find what you're are looking for here feel free to contact us.

What is MobileCellOut?
MobileCellOut is a website designed to allow an easy, quick and intuitive solution to matching people with others who are interested in taking over their mobile cell phone contracts. This process saves the contract holder a large termination fee while allowing them to remove all responsibility for their contract. At the same time, it provides someone interested in a cell phone but unwilling to sign a long term contract to do so on a shorter term basis.
Why use MobileCellOut vs. the other guy?
This is a good question. This website was created from experience with transfering contracts and we were highly unhappy with the other solutions on the web. They are just not very professional or lacking features. To top that off they all cost $20.00 or more for such a simple service. MobileCellOut strives to provide excellent service, an excellent website and excellent people to help you with getting into and/or out of a contract.
How does MobileCellOut work?
Once you post your contract on our website it is displayed to anyone who is looking to get into a contract. They search based on their own criteria and once they find your listing they will send you a simple message telling you they are interested. You may respond and sort out a transfer process. This usually just means you both get a hold of the contract provider and let them know you want to transfer the contract. Cell phone providers are more than willing to help you do this.
How much does it cost?
MobileCellOut is completely free for anyone to use as of now. It may be fee based in the future but any existing accounts will not be required to pay and you will not be asked for any payment information.
How much do I save?
As a contract holder, you will save upwards of ~$175.00 for termination fees and no telling what you pay to have the account active each month. For someone taking over the contract, you save on an initial phone fee (if the contract holder is also giving the phone up), activation fees and monthly fees for using the service a full term. If you are not satisfied with the new provider you will also save on headaches knowing you will only continue to have them for a short period.
Can't I just terminate my contract with my provider?
You could if you were willing to pay a termination fee. These fees vary between providers and many require that you pay for the actual phone in full as well considering they usually offer phones as a special deal when combined with a contract.
How does the transfer process work?
Once you connect with another person willing to take your contract, you make arrangement for both of you to let the contract provider know that you want to transfer the contract. The provider will need to do a credit check and any other policies they require for any other customer and then they will do the transfer. This usually is easier when doing a 3-way call.
How fast is the transfer?
Well the transfer depends on a few factors. Some companies take longer than others but most can do the transfer anywhere between immediately and 48 hours. The process of transferring an actual phone relies on how fast the contract holder can ship them out.
Can I keep my phone number?
This is definitely possible. Most providers will let you keep your number when you are taking over a contract but it can become more difficult when getting out of a contract. Most of the larger companies will be setup to do this and can provide you with support on that issue. It becomes difficult because once you leave the company they would have to put your number on hold for you and let your new provider take the account once you take over a new contract with them. The best answer to this question would have to be, talk with your provider and find out for sure.
Am I still responsible after the contract has been transferred?
No, you are completely in the clear. This is the idea of transferring the contract. Someone else becomes responsible and pays the provider here on out. They know who the new contract holder is and will go to them for any payments.
Will my private information be given to anyone?
Absolutely not. MobileCellOut is very serious about privacy. When contacting users they will only be shown your username, any additional contact information depends on you to provide. On a related note, we have found that if you are willing to share your phone number it can greatly speed up the process.
What information is gathered by
We actually only store your username, password (encrypted) and email address you provide when creating an account.
How long will my listing be on
Listings on MobileCellOut are viewable by the public, for as long as your leave them up. The only exception to this rule is that listings are hidden once they are within one month of the terms end date.
Where do I start?
You start by creating an account here at MobileCellOut. Once you have an account you make create a listing in the CellOut page and add phones and images to them. They will immediately show up on the search page and then you just wait for someone to come and want it. Just wait for a message and let the service advertise for you.